The foundation of good branding is strategic and consistent messaging, complimented by beautiful AND purposeful design. Solid brand design involves so much more than a nice logo. Knowing what you’re about, who your target audience is, and the story you want to tell are all important keys to reaching your audience with the most impact and clarity, which equals higher engagement and more sales.

I work with clients by helping translate their business into a cohesive brand– with focused strategy and beautiful, logical aesthetics. My brand kits include brand discovery + strategy, logo design, colors, typography, a brand guide, marketing materials, and more.

  • Discovery
  • Strategy
  • Design
  • Logos & Typography
  • Colors & Patterns
  • Style Guide
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Marketing Materials
  • Training & Tutorials
  • Website (add on)
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I support your business’s growth by designing a wide variety of in-brand marketing materials for print and web that engage your audience and tell your story. Getting to know your mission, brand, vision, and goals are an important part of the process. I don’t just make things look pretty– I want to know about you and your business, so that we can effectively and collaboratively create a final product that is both functional and beautiful.

I work on a retainer and repeat-client basis, as well as accepting some one-off projects that are a good fit. Let’s chat about your upcoming projects, I’d love to hear from you!

  • Social Media Graphics
  • Print Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Digital Design
  • Marketing Materials
  • Branded Swag
  • Business Cards
  • Stationery
  • Illustration
  • & more!
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Custom Branding

Strategic + beautiful brand design that engages your audience, tells your story, & converts.


Discovery Call + Questionairre

We will chat about your goals and your vision, identify your audience and your story (who-what-where-why), and decide if we’re a good fit. I will give you a questionnaire to really help us understand the details and the path you want to take. Next, I will create a custom package tailored to you – an overview map of what your project includes, with pricing included.

Branding packages generally start at $1,215.


Strategy + Mood

This step involves market research and clearly identifying your audience, mission, and values. We will also create brand keywords, and collaborate Pinterest mood board as a source of brand inspiration. A detailed plan for the remaining project will be formulated.

Logo Design + Colors + Typography

Now's the exciting part! Based on all of the previously collected and discussed data, will collaboratively design your logo, choose your brand color palette, and your brand's typography.

Brand Style Guide/Sheet

Your brand guide will lay out your audience, mission, values, and brand objective. It will overview your brand aesthetics, brand voice, and go over how to use your logo and other elements effectively. It will become your go-to reference for keeping up consistency in all future designs and communications.

Additional Assets

Additional, optional assets include business card design, letterhead, social media graphics, branded swag, email signatures, website design, & more.

Training + Tutorials

We will go over all of your brand elements and assets and how to utilize them effectively, efficiently, + consistently. You will have the tools you need to be a successful ambassador for your brand, leading to engagement and conversions.


Sit back, relax, and pop a cold one as we celebrate all of our efforts and hard work being put into action! Launch can be as simple as an email announcement or sending out postcards, OR as exciting as hosting a customer appreciation & networking event.

A La Carte Design Services

I love designing in-brand items for print and digital media. I offer design on a monthly retainer basis, and also take on some one-off projects if they're a good fit.

Marketing Materials

Social Media Graphics

Stationery & Invitations

Event Branding

Signage & Large Scale Graphics

Newsletter Templates + Graphics

Business Cards, Letterhead, etc.

Packaging + Illustration


Have a project in mind?

I am currently accepting new projects + clients for Spring 2019 and beyond.

Let’s chat!

Are you a Design or Marketing Agency? Let's grab virtual coffee!

Agencies are some of my favorite clients to work with, and I’ve worked with multiple design and marketing agencies as their go-to designer. Let’s set up a video chat meeting as we sip on some hot coffee/tea and discuss working together.

Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time for each phase of a project is 2-3 business days.

I offer quicker turnaround on rush projects, which include an additional fee.

Business Hours

11am – 4pm CST, Monday – Friday.

I usually return emails and phone calls within 24 hours on business days.


Generally speaking, I don’t accept projects under $250, unless it’s on a retainer basis or a repeat client. Projects are usually priced at a fixed rate instead of hourly.

For some clients we do agree upon an hourly rate. I also price on a sliding scale occasionally, if the project is really meaningful and a great fit (i.e. for non profits with low budgets but awesome missions).

Are we a good fit for working together?

About You:

  • You understand and appreciate that a good designer has years of training and experience. You’re ready to hire a professional who is reliable, skilled at design, and offers a final product that is both strategic and beautiful.
  • You’re not looking for the cheapest and quickest designer, but for someone who really wants you to succeed and will take the proper time and care to create high quality, strategic, effective tailored to your target audience and goals.
  • You’re not looking for someone to micromanage and recreate your exact vision word-for-word. You welcome guidance, ideas, and advice from a creative professional.
  • The best results come when you’re engaged in the project. Being willing to collaborate and take the time to answer questions thoughtfully and give feedback in a timely manner makes for better end results and a good working relationship.

How I work:

  • When first starting with a new client or project, I try to ask lots of questions to really get to know you, your business, brand, and the project at hand.
  • I usually communicate via email, but often initial discussions are done via phone or video conference. Let me know what form of communication works best for you.
  • I appreciate feedback and constructive criticism. I want to grow with and be on the same page as my clients.
  • I do my best to always be kind, considerate, and respectful of you and your time. I value you not just as a client but a human being.
  • I offer quick turnaround times, but as a small one-woman business I’m not available 24/7. Though I’m efficient, I generally don’t output designs at lightning speed. See the turnaround time and business hour FAQ’s for more info.
  • I work best collaboratively. I create designs based on our initial discussion, and then revise based on feedback.
  • I love hearing from you! We’ll chat about your business, goals, and vision. I want to hear your ideas and feedback. Inspiration photos and Pinterest boards are awesome and very helpful.
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Blue Thistle Prints

I started this Etsy shop as a side-hustle in December 2018. I’m excited about it’s growth so far and the new knowledge I’ve gained – Etsy SEO, marketing strategies, printing, shipping and packaging strategies, how to quickly and efficiently make designs to sell, and much more. We’ll see where it goes!